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6 One-Click Tricks For an Instant Positive Impact
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Looking for ways of being more sustainable but your busy lifestyle is getting in the way? Is your heavy workload a hindrance to making greener choices? Does your work schedule foresees long days at the office behind a screen? If so, you might not even have the time to prepare a packed lunch… let alone plant a tree!

Fear not! Technology is here to help you. If you’ve been hit by a surge of “eco-anxiety”, take some solace in knowing that every little change you make has a positive impact. Switching to renewable energy, monitoring your CO2 emissions and even planting a tree… all from the comfort of your desk. Below are five effective changes you can implement in your daily life to save the environment with one simple click!

Offset your personal carbon footprint and are two free online carbon calculators that help you do your bit. Not only do they calculate the amount of CO2 produced by the most recent flights you’ve taken, but they can also measure your whole lifestyle’s environmental impact. They offer the option of donating to a wide range of certified carbon offsetting projects. These include simple, one-click tree-planting in the UK, funding renewable energy development around the world, reforestation projects in Africa and America and support to community projects.

Donate to Plant a Tree

Every year, London trees remove 2.4 tonnes of pollution from the air between CO2, dust and other toxins. If you’d like to get involved with making London a little greener, you can donate to Trees for Cities’ Urban Forest Project. They also run the Edible Playgrounds project, which transforms school playgrounds into teaching gardens. Edible Playgrounds offers inner-city kids the opportunity to grow their own vegetables, while also learning learn about nature. We love this project!

Alternatively, you can donate to first-line forest fighters, Rainforest Foundation UK, choosing between a single donation and other, on-going support options.
Here are a few options if you’re looking to donate internationally:, an EU-based organization, tackles deforestation by financing farmers worldwide to plant trees. One tree planted based in the US gives you the option to donate $1 to plant a tree in a worldwide region of your choice.

Switch to a green energy supplier

Clean energy is produced from nature’s elements and, unlike fossil fuel consumption, it doesn’t add to the current climate change caused by our pollution crisis. However, the environment won’t be the only one to benefit from switching to wind and solar power. According to the Big Clean Switch, an average UK household can expect to save up to £270 on its yearly energy bill by switching to clean energy providers!
The Carbon Trust’s directory provides a helpful guide of the best renewable energy suppliers for your geographical location, and it’s only one click away…

Green Internet Browsing

Did you know you can make your internet browsing an effective way of offsetting your carbon footprint? Ecosia, an Internet search engine based in Berlin, donates over 80% of its profits to nonprofit organizations that focus on reforestation. For every 45 searches made on Ecosia, one new tree planted! Their aim is to plant 1 billion across biodiversity hot spots around the globe. With transparency at the forefront of their mission, they are releasing monthly financial reports online for public viewing. Ecosia’s free browser extension highlights whether a company is promoting the expansion of coal mining or supporting green energy.

Zero-emission website hosting

The Green Web Foundation is working towards making the internet 80% green in the next five years. For this reason, they’ve equipped their website with a worldwide directory of hosting platforms running on green energy. In addition, their user-friendly App will show whether the site visited is green-powered or not.
Web hosting is an incredibly energy-intensive process, because most data centres run on thousands of computers that generate huge amounts of heat. Moreover, these require energy-heavy cooling systems to manage high temperatures. The majority of the energy required for this cooling process is currently based on fossil fuels. In 2018, online video viewing  generated the same amount of GHG emissions as the whole of Spain… that’s 1% of total global emissions!

Pledge Digital Sobriety

One-click solutions are a great way to make a positive impact today. However, it’s important to remember that digital technologies themselves do also contribute to the depletion of our precious natural resources. To understand their impact on climate change, carbon transition think-tank “The Shift Project” has created a browser extension called “Carbonalyser“. This allows you to visualize the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and electricity consumption that your internet browsing creates. The Carbonalyser calculates the total emissions generated by: 1. the quantity of data travelling through your browser
2. the electricity consumption this leads to.
Disconnecting the world from the internet is obviously not an option. But we need to take an honest look at our data consumption. Why not consider pledging some digital sobriety “for yourself-from yourself”, in the name of self-care? You could finally tuck into that book that’s been on your bedside table for the last month. Or spend more face-to-face time with your loved ones and avoid the environmental impact of unnecessary data usage. It’s a win-win for everyone!

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17 / 10 / 2019 // Written by Sylvia Helen Goodrick
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