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Best Netflix Documentaries: Our Top Picks for a Better World
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With self-induced isolation in full swing in order to flatten the curve of coronavirus, many of us are turning to our computers to keep ourselves entertained. But Netflix doesn’t just have to be for bingeing on that guilty pleasure series…Why not use this time to educate yourself with some great informative documentaries? We have put together a short list of essential viewing for a better and more sustainable world:

The True Cost

All dressed up with nowhere to go? Perhaps you have been going through your wardrobe and wondering – ‘Do I actually need this many t shirts’? Examining the true cost of fashion, this documentary exposes the ugly side of the industry through a system based on speed and disposability which is damaging our planet. It takes an eye-opening look at the global supply chain of fast fashion and into the lives of the people and places behind what we wear. You might think twice before filling up your online shopping basket.

Available on Netflix


Still not convinced by your veggie & vegan friends? Watching this may change your mind! The informative and accessible approach taken by filmmakers Kip Andersen & Keegan Kuhn uncovers the destructive industry of animal agriculture. The duo investigates why the harmful processes have continued almost unchallenged by the world’s leading environmental organisations and uncovers some shocking truths. This is a must watch to learn more about the impacts our food choices cause on the planet.

Available on Netflix

Before the Flood

Leonardo DiCaprio is more than just a pretty face! This compelling documentary follows the actor/environmentalist on a journey across five continents and the Arctic uncovering the reality of climate change first hand. He speaks with influential figures such as Barack Obama, Pope Francis and Elon Musk discussing possible solutions to the climate crisis aimed at spurring individual changes in behaviour.

Available on Netflix

Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things 

Has being stuck in the house got you spring cleaning? Be inspired by this documentary which encourages reducing compulsory consumption and considers how your life might be better with less. It lays out the basics and benefits of a minimalist lifestyle talking to people from all walks of life from families to architects, journalists and scientists; all who are ditching things in search of a more meaningful life. Time to channel your inner Marie Kondo!

Available on Netflix

The Game Changers

Featuring some of the strongest and fastest athletes on the planet including Lewis Hamilton and Novak Djokovic this entertaining documentary makes the case for eating your greens! By mixing real-time, groundbreaking science with inspiring personal stories, outdated myths about food are exposed. The benefits of a plant-based diet in maximising human performance are clear to see! An insightful look into the importance of what we put into our bodies.

Available on Netflix

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20 / 03 / 2020 // Written by Juliet Kennedy
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