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Jamie Wheal: Recapture the Rapture
Thu 24th Oct
7:00 PM
152 Brick Lane
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We live in unstable times, and apocalyptic ideologies seem to be spreading fast. What do ISIS and Christian Fundamentalists have in common with Silicon Valley transhumanists and Mars colonizers? At their core, they’re all espousing “Rapture Ideologies” which hold that the world isn’t salvageable, and that for a select group, happiness lies on the other side of a coming inflection point. But whether that means the Four Horsemen, or the Singularity, the obvious problem is ‘what about the rest of us?’

Jamie Wheal, bestselling author of ‘Stealing Fire’ and head of the Flow Genome Project, has fast become one of the most popular and vibrant voices we’ve interviewed on Rebel Wisdom. Over in the UK for a short time only, this is a rare opportunity to see Jamie in person talking about a fascinating phenomenon affecting all of us right now.

In an evening hosted by Rebel Wisdom, Jamie will explore how we can identify rapture ideologies wherever we find them, and outline ways for us to take back the narrative of our collective future. Jamie has a fascinating take on this cultural moment and the rare ability to bring in multiple perspectives and fields to make sense of it.

If, as Yeats said “the best lack all conviction, while the worst are filled with passionate intensity” this talk outlines ways for the best of us, the rest of us, to recapture our own passionate intensity and step up at a time that needs us all.

This event is supported by our brilliant production partners  Experimental Thought Co.

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