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Slow Fashion Gifts Guide – Christmas Edition
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In search of the perfect eco-gift, but don’t know where to start? Christmas shopping can be a pretty stressful business on its own. But when you add the sustainability factor, it can become nothing short of overwhelming. The looming threat of climate change has made of us think twice before we open our wallets, searching for brands that are truly sustainable and innovative. Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news! You don’t have to sacrifice your values of caring for the Planet in name of the consumerist frenzy that Christmas has become.

If you’re looking for high-quality eco-gifts, look no further than sustainable fashion. The eco-fashion apparels on the market today lookout for nature without compromising on style. It’s true, prices are higher than normal. Paying a small premium, however, means you’re buying ethically-made clothes, with responsibly-sourced or recycled materials. These high-quality garments and accessories will also likely last longer than their high-street counterparts. Take a look at our favourite sustainable fashion picks below!

Upcycled jewels by Boodi Jewellery

Ancient cultures, positive ethos, animal freedom… and exquisite jewellery. What’s not to love?

Boodi is a London-based vegan jewellery brand that creates carefully handmade designs from wax and then casts them in recycled silver and gold. The metals are recycled from scraps, cutting out mining of precious raw materials, which can be harmful to the environment and surrounding communities. Gemstones are sourced “from mines where working conditions for the miners are as safe and environmentally friendly as possible.” No child labour is involved, either.

Designer Sarah Marafie also upcycles old coins to make unique, precious creations with engraved animal silhouettes. Each coin is linked to a specific animal sanctuary or animal welfare program, and 10% of profit is donated to corresponding projects.

In the Boodi philosophy respect for life is of the utmost importance “and animals should run wild, swim far and fly freely like the human spirit.” Perfect for your free-spirited, mystically-aligned lover. Prices range from £40 to £350.

Cactus Leather Bags by Desserto Pelle

Forget animal cruelty, the statement handbag of 2020 will be made of cactus leather! Created by a Mexican company at the forefront of the fashion industry’s innovative vision, Desserto Pelle products are elegant and stylish, perfect for every modern eco-boss lady.

Handbags and purses are made from 100% vegan, organic leather derived from a naturally abundant resource: cactus! The material has all the credentials to replace animal leather for good, as it is breathable, resistant and waterproof.

Cactus leather is obviously cruelty-free. It is also free from toxic chemicals, phthalates and PVC, and is partially biodegradable. Prickly but precious! Prices TBC, as the line was released just last month!

Zero Waste Jewellery by Studio Eris

Slow fashion. Small batches. Zero waste.

These everyday statement earrings are emblematic of slow fashion. Because they are slow-crafted down to the very last detail in a small, zero-waste studio in London. Every part of the process -designing, colouring, patterning, shaping, baking, sanding, glossing, assembling and packaging- is done by hand.

The designs, inspired by modernist/surrealist maestro Joan Miró, aim for the timelessly sophisticated and fun look. Erin studio’s creations are optimal gifts for the environmentally- friendly, modern ladies who want to add some dadaist colours and shapes to their attires.

All packaging is 100% recyclable, compostable and plastic-free.
Price range from £22 to £32.

Sustainable Winter Under-Coat by Save the Duck

The latest fashion trends from Italy show that la Dolce Vita is getting an eco-makeover.

In 2014, Italian animal-free apparel company Save the Duck won the PETA Vegan Fashion Award. Four years later, the company collected 252 000 plastic bottles from the Ocean. They recycled the whole lot to make their 100% RECYCLED collection.

20 recycled plastic bottles go into making a jacket, which has a polyester fibre padding also produced from recycled materials. Save the Duck closes the plastic loop to produce garments that are stylish and elegant, in traditional colours and models… just like mamma likes it!

The RECYCLED collection is available for both men and women. A stylish gift for the sporty eco-warriors in your life! Prices range from £150 to £250.

Eco-leather wallets by Watson and Wolfe

Watson and Wolfe‘s beautifully handmade, minimalist bi-fold wallet is a tactual luxury. This slender piece of design fits perfectly in your front or back pocket and has generous storage for 8 cards and full-length notes.

The eco-vegan leather is made from 50% corn oil, lined with 100% recycled plastic bottles, and impeccable stitching. As a result, this wallet is an absolute joy to carry.

We love Watson and Wolfe because they take much pride in their ethical supply chain. And they invest in reforestation projects to offset their carbon emissions. Additionally, compassion is at the heart of the company’s mission statement. “Our products are vegan because animals are not in fashion”, they say. Hear hear!

Minimalist style and top-notch quality make this wallet the perfect gift for the eco-gentlemen in your life who like to look the part. From £45 to £75 (plus shipping costs from the US.)

You can find Studio Eris and Boodi Jewellery’s beautiful crafts for sale at The Boiler House this December.

Alongside our Conscious Christmas Markets set to take place on the last two weekends before Christmas, we’re also collaborating with Stories Behind Things for a Christmas market event from 29th November-1st December. We have also invited the Zero Waste Christmas Market into our beautiful space on Sunday 7th December too. In short, we’re a one-stop eco-shop between now and Yule Tide! Don’t miss the fun.

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18 / 11 / 2019 // Written by Sylvia Helen Goodrick
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