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The Boiler House Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)
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We are living through History. Our attitude and actions now will define us when we look back, so let’s move forward with goodwill, and with purpose.

Just 72 hours ago in the UK we were crowding into public transport vehicles and heading to work as normal. The rapidly escalating threat of the Coronavirus pandemic had somehow not yet taken hold of us. While the intervention taken by the UK government still pales in comparison to countries surrounding us both in Europe and globally, the atmosphere among Brits has thickened, and in London particularly, where the outbreak is rampant, the public has taken matters into their own hands, with office closures across the city, and pubs, cafes and restaurants all but deserted.

While working from home is an option for many, it is not a privilege that all are lucky enough to enjoy, and the heroes of this historical time are the public sector workers running our country as we go into lockdown. Staying home, if you can, is our only means of honouring the emergency service staff, transport staff, waste disposal teams, cleaners, supermarket workers and others who are enabling life to continue for the rest of us at this testing time.

But self-isolation has its own set of challenges, and as work slows down for many people it’s easy to turn our attention to the news and social media. An overwhelming number of articles and posts are being released every minute about the Coronavirus outbreak, from memes to bogus hand sanitizer recipes, articles, news, and indeed fake news. It’s vital that, at a time like this, we limit our intake of information and filter out misleading and inaccurate news sources that can lead us to spiral into a state of anxiety about the current situation.

Our goals in the coming days, weeks and months as a content platform

1. We will provide daily inspiration to get us through this tough time. What to expect:

  • Live classes streamed on Instagram – from meditation sittings to cooking, to yoga classes and more at @boilerhouseldn
  • Tips on managing isolation – look out for regular tips and shortlists, from healthy home office habits to entertainment, podcasts, books, simple recipes and online classes

2. Avoiding the overload of information and the risk of being exposed to fake-news

  • We’ll be sending a daily round-up of the most informative, fact-checked articles from the web to keep you updated and inspired, while filtering out the noise.
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3. Helping you plan for the future, when life restarts

  • The Boiler House blog is populated with new, original content daily, offering insight and analysis from the future of work to the state welfare system, navigating the unwalked paths of a Digital Age and daring to re-imagine the future, drawing on the expertise of our team and our partners.
  • Information – we’ll be providing you with clear ways of helping those less fortunate without putting them at risk, including information on donating, volunteering, welfare, redundancy advice and more.

So stay tuned, stay safe, and stay put if you can. The future of our planet, now more than ever, rests in our hands as unexpected opportunities for growth and transformation arise for the global community. How we choose to step forth now, at this critical time, will be definitive to what comes next.

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18 / 03 / 2020 // Written by Juliet Kennedy
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