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The Boiler House is a multi-purpose event space and online hub dedicated to co-creating a better and more sustainable future. Visit our beautiful East London warehouse for talks, pop ups, workshops, weekend markets and more.

The Boiler House: Our Journey to Opening
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What do you do when you’ve got one of the most original spaces in the heart of London’s East End, and it happens to be a 7,750 sq ft industrial red brick warehouse that dates back to 1830?

We took one look at the striking 49m high Truman chimney towering over Brick Lane, and another look around the street that used to be the 17th century’s “Brewing Central”… What can you do that’s new, innovative and most importantly needed in one of the world’s most developed cities? What can you add to a society that already has, quite frankly, more than everything it materially needs and is overwhelmed by bars, restaurants and shopping malls?

….a conscious and sustainable living space, supporting innovation for a better future that radically upgrades our systems and mindsets, of course!

When we thought of opening The Boiler House, London’s new hub for a more purposeful and ecological way of living, we were super energised and excited by the idea. We envisioned a green oasis in the middle of the industrial revolution’s old stomping ground… living plant chandeliers hanging from the ceilings, a living roof with native plants, a hydroponic herb garden on the bar serving mocktails in edible cups, bamboo straws, a rainwater harvesting system…an alchemical marriage between elements of beauty, design, and a noble purpose!…

Yet, when we decided to embark on the sustainability ark… little did we know exactly how biblical the amount of work that awaited us would be!

The Research Team slowly losing the plot in the infinite web of mood boarding that became Juliet’s office in the early days

Developmental stage – How do we do this?
What do we need to do?
Let’s go step by step…let’s make a pledge!

First of all, how are you meant to transform an 1830 warehouse into a sustainable space according to the standards of year 2019?

Get rid of those 70s-looking humongous heaters, for starters … oh but wait, you can’t do that unless you get the old pipe system out! OK.. time to Re-think. Re-consider. Recycle! 

We sourced vintage furniture and consulted a regenerative designer on making custom-made stools and lights with second-hand materials that can last long but also look smooth

One of the pillars our concepts rests on is collaboration, so we started debriefing on how to get our current suppliers on our side and walk with us on the path of transformation. 

The second pillar is going local, so we contacted local suppliers and other businesses to see what could be done in terms of creating a network…

…..and we soon realized that if we wanted to transform into a beacon of sustainability, we would have to prepare to run a marathon, not a sprint.

Our Pledge

We are continually working to develop and improve our practices and we are committed to minimising the environmental footprint of all our operations. To honour this commitment, we have set ourselves the goal of operating a fully circular economy and becoming a closed-loop, zero-waste venue by 2025. 

In addition to our closed-loop pledge, we are committed to keep running four social responsibility initiatives, through which we can make a positive impact on our local community today.

Social Responsibility

Pledge 2025 aside, we realized we couldn’t just open a new venue and do ‘business as usual‘. The whole point is to do better, do different, do more! How can we give back to our local community immediately, at opening?

Youth Employment scheme

We decided to commit to offering an apprenticeship scheme providing opportunities for young people to be trained in venue and events management skills and supported into permanent positions.

Meet Kim: Our new Bar-Manager-in-training

23 year old Kim decided to leave her home in Rome and start a new life for herself in London. We’re supporting her to find her feet as a young person in UK with our youth apprenticeship scheme (and she’s doing really well…Brava Kim!)

Kim’s motto is: Waste isn’t waste until we waste it!

Start-up Incubator

We are committed to offering space to start ups in their incubation stage, who we believe are creating value for our society and taking action towards a sustainable future. If you have a start-up and you’re looking for a space to launch or test out new ideas, or just some feedback and advice, get in touch! 

Going Glocal

We want our practices to protect our Planet and give back to our community. We are are therefore committed to collaborating with local businesses to supply us only with the best quality, cruelty-free products, which drastically reduces our operational carbon footprint.

Class Access for Team Members

Our employees are given free reign to participate in our wellbeing workshops by certified practitioners free of charge to help alleviate daily stresses and increase a sense of care and connectedness.

Meet the BH Team

Juliet – Founder/Creative Director

The Boiler House is essentially Juliet’s child. She’s been creating new, trendy spaces for you to enjoy at Truman’s for the last 3 years and is no stranger to the pains of the creative process. She’s been guiding and overseeing the wonderful team of eco-warriors who are working long and hard to bring her initial idea into fruition.

JJ’s getting hitched next year, and working on sustainability at The Boiler House has inspired her to get herself, her future hubby and all her loved ones to catch the train to her dreamy Italian wedding instead of flying. Her motto is: consume less!

Vicky – Designer

Vicky is our incredibly industrious in-house designer. She brings her creativity along with a sense of practicality to the team’s Utopian spirit.
She has helped materialize the Boiler House vision by meticulously producing plans for the feature chandeliers, as well as designing the bar and stage.
After a lifetime in the Surface Matter library researching sustainable and recycled materials, she then decided to take a well-deserved break to France, to stay on a circular economy farm!

Paul – Interior Furnishings

Paul is our furniture and style expert. In addition to being the one getting up at 5 am for market runs, he’s rummaged through the depths of eBay to find some cool-looking, second-hand pieces that wouldn’t break the bank or use precious new natural resources. Working on the Boiler House made him realise how disconnected he had previously been from a sustainable way of living, and it has inspired him to turn a new eco-leaf!

Hatty – Sustainability Researcher

Hatty is our creative extraordinaire. She single-handedly created the sprawling, multi-coloured mood board that brought our ideas to life in the early days. She researched every new sustainable bar trend and hot topic on Earth, while reaching out to inspiring eco-startups, events and suppliers to get on board too. What a trooper!

Sylvia – Sustainability Researcher and Blog Writer (she’s the one on the left!)

Sylvia happened to return to live in the UK after a few years living barefoot on different beaches around the world. During her time in her beloved México, she was inspired by the people’s connection to their land and their utmost respect for nature. When she heard the team were looking for an extra researcher, she decided to jump on the bandwagon and put her analytical mind to use. She loves the idea of creating a space that would allow urban citizens to experience that sense of connection she bought back with her from her travels. Her motto is Do what you love and create from the heart!

Rachel – Social Media Guru

Rachel has been curating our social media channels, making sure to promote a conscious use of Instagram & co,  including spreading positive messages and initiating mindset challenges such as “Mindful Mondays”, where she invites everyone to “join us in picking up one easy to implement, planet-friendly habit a week”.  Her purpose is to our educate followers and inspire change through simple tip-sharing as well as championing the lofty achievements of our partners and awesome market traders.

Scarlett: Community and Market Coordinator

Our operational wizard making sure the Boiler House pop up market runs smoothly when it pops up, connecting with and supporting London’s best eco-friendly traders! Scarlett’s motivations lie on building a conscious community where people can connect and learn about adopting small changes that make a big difference.

And this is how we arrived, on 28th September 2019, at our first pop-up Conscious Living Market, with our hearts and minds wide open at the start of our journey into the wonderful, unwritten future of The Boiler House, Brick Lane.

Hatty’s mood-boarding on sustainable bar trends
Recycled and re-purposed material samples from Surface Matter
Design Team meeting with Vicky and Juliet
One of many, many business canvasses…
All those deliberations and debates…
Research team running out of wall space…
And that’s a wrap. Show time….

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25 / 09 / 2019 // Written by Sylvia Helen Goodrick
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